Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Do you have your "shit" together?

No, I'm not asking about some weird couples sex game, I'm genuinely asking do you have your "shit" together?
Like, do you feel in control of things, are you happy with how your life is panning out? Are you chasing your tail and wondering how everyone else manages to make it look so easy?

For me, I'd say my "shit" is together the majority of the time, finally.

I still have days and weeks where I do no housework, just cook and prepare meals around the mess in the kitchen, I don't touch the hoover or the iron, ever, and my kids aren't always in a clean change of clothes every day or three. But the majority of the time (like 95%) we're eating freshly prepared home-cooked meals, which I think is a bloody great achievement considering my youngest kid is just 5 months old and I'm homeschooling. The housework is way down my list of priorities, and our food is right up there at the top.

In terms of my own look, I'm together. I have a small wardrobe of clothes that fit and suit me, and my new haircut is easy to maintain. I've stopped mixing it up with my makeup each morning, and just do the same basic face which takes me everywhere. I have one nice handbag and one nice pair of shoes which I wear everyday and I think they make my outfit look "done", they're highly boring so don't expect a video on them, but in terms of looking presentable I'm there. Finally. It only took 37 years. I feel great when I'm dressed and made up, and feel I can take on whatever the day brings. And like you, I have some days full of shitty shit that needs dealing with.

I know where I will be next year, and what I'll be doing. I'm studying (Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching) and making business plans, and I'm feeling motivated about my personal life and career choices. I'm looking forward to having an income after 5 years out of the workforce, and I'll be working for myself (again) and choosing my hours to fit around my family.

I kind of took my life on like a project the last few months, I think the chaos of having a third child propelled me into this and I've streamlined so much, it makes the days really flow easier. I still get overwhelmed at times, just last week I seemed to have a hormonal blip where I was caring for the baby for a few days but not feeling "into it", I knew it was a result of being tired, so I got more rest, she had a growth spurt where her hands and cheeks literally chubbed up overnight, and then I was crazy about her again. Constant babycare is bloody hard you guys, non-stop feeding, leaking, nappies, burps in your face, the gummy smiles... I still have days where I'm not out of bed until nearly lunchtime, and I am outsourcing some laundry when I can (to willing grandparents/laundrette). I'm not too proud to take help when it's offered, and it's still being offered, so good are the lovely people we know.

Where's your "shit" at?

Nee x

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