Friday, 11 December 2015

Life lately

A rare photo of a tidy room
  Hi, I wanted to do an update post now I've had some time to breathe and actually take in what's going on around here these days. As you can see above, we're getting ready for Christmas. Presents are bought (nearly all, phew!), this year there are less, and they'll mean more. I've mincemeat soaking for mince pies I'm making tomorrow from scratch, first time ever. The mincemeat is currants, elderberries, ground almonds, spices and whiskey, no recipe, just winging it. We bought a new-to-us sofa for 20e in a charity shop, it's red velvet and it looks great in our room.

Baby's favourite toy
 Our baby girl is already 5 months old, teething, sitting up and babbling away to us. I'm having loads of fun dressing her in frilly dresses for any and every occasion. I figure I will have a couple of years of this indulgence before she tells me where to go so I'm making the most of it.
Baby wearing days are here again, yay!
 I'm more able for walking in the last few weeks, so have been really enjoying getting out with baba in the sling on my back. Everyone stops me to ask about the babywearing fleece, and it's a godsend in the cold weather. I did a whole afternoon in town today and it means getting on and off the bus is easy, even with 3 kids in tow, I've my hands free to hold onto the boys in the crowds too. We had hot chocolates and ran a couple of errands, caught a Christmas market on College Green and saw the House of Lords/Peers in the bank there for the first time.

Another rarely tidy sight
I'm cooking everything from scratch these days, which involves a bit more preparation but is saving us money. I even made flour wraps (details to follow) which were so easy I don't know why I've been buying them all this time! We're loving our new (to us) yellow table.  Even on the greyest mornings it brightens up the kitchen.

It hasn't all been sunshine and roses here of course, I'm counting my blessings here. I'm overwhelmed by the house work,  we've a pile of mouldy laundry I'm pretending doesn't exist, and I've spent far too many days behind the laptop screen. My college work while fantastically in-depth is also a struggle to keep up with, and I feel guilty for missing out on baby-gazing when I'm studying. She's still on my lap, feeding or sleeping, but I still feel I should be giving her more attention. Just the usual mommy-guilt I'm sure.

I've had a lovely couple of Christmas lunches with friends and we're hosting a couple of evenings before Christmas, so my social cup runneth over. Not getting any child-free time though, but sure, thinking's overrated isn't it?!

What are you up to these dark days?


  1. You squeeze the best out of life Niamh...sweetness and sunshine and self love and exploration of new ways..what a lovely world your children are growing in. you are making blogging more attractive to me...might give it a try.

    1. Thank you so much M, it's easier now I've seen families like yours further down the line. I'd love to read your thoughts, please start a blog!! Xx

  2. Would ya stop!! You are doing it all and the laundry haunts anybody with more than 2 people in the home! You are giving the children such an adventure. They are truly blessed and their adult selves will bear the fruit of this. Just take heart that the usual annoyances such as housework, paid work, study, etc., are necessary behind-the-scenes stuff that needs to happen to make sure the bigger picture takes place. Love your posts!

    1. Lol thanks Etta! Good point re the laundry, I can't be on top of everything. I should remind myself that more often. And I love what you said about the work being necessary to make the other stuff happen, good to hear that from another mom, thank you. Hope you and your family have a magical Christmas!
      Nee x


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