Saturday, 23 January 2016

Losing the baby weight

I'm 6 and a half months postpartum and I'm still a dress size 14 and 10 pounds over my normal weight. Thus far I haven't tried losing the weight, I'd been eating what I wanted within reason, and losing the excess weight very slowly. Like 3 pounds in the last 2 months, but that included Christmas.

Blah de blah, there is nothing so boring as people talking about losing weight, and I am boring myself here.

I've realised I am eating the right things, I'm just eating too much of them. My portions are huge. I am a little scared of feeling hungry as it makes me lightheaded, anxious and really crabby. Hunger hits me quickly and I feel unable to think straight and I get panicky. It's definitely blood sugar related too. So to compensate for possible hunger, I eat a LOT at mealtimes, as I know with tandem breastfeeding hunger can come on me really quickly and I don't like being caught out.

I need to eat smaller portions, carry proper snacks with me (as I'm not into the fruit I pack for the kids) and trust that I will assuage my hunger when it strikes. That is my key to losing weight. I know it is different for everyone.

I weighed myself yesterday, I was 10 stone 13.5 pounds. That's the first time I've seen the scales under 11 stone in over a year (I don't own a scales, I weigh myself every couple of months in my parents house). 11 stone is my upper threshold, where I feel I need to do something about it. Of course I'm carrying this weight since the baby was born, so I'm going by the "9 months on, 9 months off" rule of thumb.

I hadn't been exercising much due to pelvic floor issues (not leakage thankfully) but I've begun walking since Christmas as I really need to work my muscles. I'm walking whenever I can, a few hours every couple of days, baby in sling, not too fast, just moving at a good pace. To and from shops, the market in town (it's an hour downhill walk from our house so a good route, I bus it back). Instead of driving to see some furniture today, I left the house a half hour earlier and walked, and Barry drove with the boys. Just building it into my days, as dedicated exercise time is still in the future for me. (Oh my god how I'm dying to get back cycling again)

I've been feeling really crap in my body since the baby was born. I'm not loving the excess weight, it feels uncomfortable, none of my clothes fit and I've been spending money buying new clothes in bigger sizes. I have been fit since my early 20s and knowing how good that feels makes me miss it even more. I think I look good naked with the extra curves, but I don't like them in my clothes. At least I'm feeling good 50% of the time, eh?!

I'm not looking to lose this weight quickly, or for any special occasion or anything, I want to lose it slowly and for good. I'd like to get to 10 stone 2 or so, (I'm 5'6") and I won't care about a few pounds either side of that.

Even though my nutrition course gives lots of great ideas for weight loss, with portion size recommendations etc, I'm not about to measure out my meals, that seems like too much hard work, especially since some of my meals are just eating my kids leftovers. So I'm going to go by this great image as a rule of thumb for my plate:

Honestly, until a couple of months ago vegetables never featured much in my diet, unless you consider the few I'd add to a sauce for a carb-heavy meal. Now I'm making sure I get a proper portion at every meal. The starch above might be a potato, some parsnip chips, mashed celeriac. The protein might be lentil curry, a bean burger, a fried egg. The vegetables will always be green and leafy, with maybe some grated carrot or sliced onion. Leafy greens and me are just getting to know each other, and we're getting on very well. For breakfast today, for example, I had no eggs, cheese, bananas or oats, so I ended up with sautéed kale on buttered toast, it was actually delicious and kept me going until lunchtime. I'm not about to become a kale bore, don't worry, just celebrating my education a little here!

If you're still reading this, and I'm totally ok if you aren't, I'll update the weight loss every couple of weeks. I'm not going to get all pernickety about it, weighing myself at the same time every week or anything, but I will be keeping a loose eye on it.

Speaking of loose, my trousers aren't. I needed a versatile pair of black trousers that weren't skinny jeans. I bought a lovely pair which go with heels, Converse and boots, and I bought them in a size 12, the size that will fit me in a few months (positive affirmations very important too) Of course I can't do the button up yet, I'm doing the hair bobbin trick I learned early on in my first pregnancy:

And the added incentive of getting it to close comfortably is a great reminder. I just wear a longer vest over the trousers. I'm not denying myself anything, I'm still eating dark chocolate, good bread, drinking wine, going out for meals, just making wise choices whenever I can, and walking a bit more.

Sin e, a chairde, boring as hell, but maybe some of you are on the same journey? I'm hoping to lose about a pound a week so by the end of March I'll be into my "normal" clothes. This will save me a load of money as I won't be buying a new spring /summer wardrobe. Anyone else with me? January is certainly the month for re-thinking and recalibrating, are you making any healthier changes? Let us know below!

Nee x


  1. I have the same experience after baby number three, I feel like it's a lot harder to get rid of the weight. And the fact that we are a couple of years older isn't helping either.. Walking is very good, keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Fleur, the extra years are definitely part of it, thanks for reminding me! Lovely to have your support thank you xx


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