Monday, 11 January 2016

Lunch muffins

These muffins are veggie-friendly, packed with protein, egg-free and rich in vitamins and minerals.
I'm sitting here looking at snowy mountain-tops outside, the electric fire has been on all morning, so we're enjoying a quiet morning at home. One of the perks of home educating is these winter mornings, still in pyjamas, no school runs. Cons of this is the whole "shopping every couple of days" idea isn't appealing on a day like today, especially when dh has gone to work with all our jackets in the back of the car...

So we have no bread or eggs, and I was at a loss for what to make for lunch. Muffins it was, though I've never made them without eggs. I remember egg substitutes are oil, soaked flax seeds etc, so I used oil and milk to create moisture. These are cheese, tomato and mushroom muffins by the way. Ten minutes prep while the oven heats, 20 mins in the oven, easy peasy.

So into the food processor I threw half an onion, a handful of decidedly wrinkly mushrooms, half a ball of mozzarella (clearing out the fridge), a small chunk of cheddar, a handful of walnuts, a good couple of glugs of olive oil and a couple of cloves of garlic and a handful of fresh rosemary grabbed off the bush. Whizzed it up, giving my babe in arms a fright, she's awful jumpy these days.

Then I scraped the resulting grey mass into a large bowl, added a handful of oats, some full-fat cow's milk and mixed it to create a lumpy porridge (not as wet as a usual muffin batter because the cherry tomatoes will add moisture) added some baking powder and a mugful of wheat flour. I stirred in some pieces of cheddar cheese and halved cherry tomatoes.

Filled an oiled muffin tray with the mixture, topping half with pumpkin seeds, and put into my thermostatically-challenged oven with my fingers crossed. I'm expecting dense, chewy muffins with juicy tomato bits and melty cheese pieces. That would make me happy.

Update: Yep, yum. I would like some more spice in these, so next time might throw half a chilli into the processor, or use cayenne pepper.

These would freeze well, and don't need halving and buttering, they're perfect as they are. If there are any left tomorrow I'd eat them for breakfast, maybe toasted.

What are your favourite muffin flavours? Inspired to go egg-free?
Nee x

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