Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Keeping it real: "Adult"-ing

Lovely slogan card from a penpal, and that's me and my sis in 1998!

In the spirit of honesty with you all, I'm sharing my mental turnaround. I know I said in a recent post here I finally feel I have my shit together, and I do for the most part, but the area of finances was still an area that freaked me out a bit and I'd been avoiding looking at them properly. 

Enter the Pink Filofax!!

This was my LIFE 10 years ago when I ran my business, everything was in there, accounts, material for classes, timetables (I ran a performing arts school) as well as names and addresses of friends, which changed as they married and moved houses. It had been sitting neglected for the last few years since I was a SAHM, and I was nearly going to get rid of it. 

Then I stumbled upon some fellow stationery nerds online who were loving their planners, whole blogs and Youtube channels dedicated to the paper pretty. I realised I was just missing some fun colours to spice it up a bit. 

I had first thought it was defunct, as I have a phone with calendar I use, a tablet, a Macbook... how many organisational methods does one lady need?! But I love the days when the batteries are dead on my devices and I go out without them feeling free as the wind. I realise I prefer to see things on the page, to flick to the following week, not swipe, and when you introduce stickers into the mix... well, I'm sold. 

Of course I thought I'd have to order some fancy new paper especially punched for this A5 size, some stickers, some post-its etc and I spent a while browsing Etsy shops. But then I came across the saying "Start somewhere, use what you have, do what you can" and it got me moving to use up some craft paper I had lying in a box since my first pregnancy. Yes, it's been that long since I've handmade a card. The shame. ;)

Enough about the pretty pink stuff, onto the life organising. So I've had my head in the sand about the bigger money picture, which bills are on direct debit, which need sorting, living month-by-month with them coming in the door and being either paid or shelved to be paid later, and inevitably forgotten about. I phoned all our service providers for tv/broadband, gas, electricity, credit card, asked where we were at, transferred funds, made notes, and now I have a clear picture of our situation.

This morning I also organised a courier to collect lost property of ours from somewhere and deliver it tomorrow, something I'd spent months thinking "I have to do that" and it was over in 15 minutes.

I also corresponded with a company I had a query about their service and my rights, using my new college-learned "communications skills" rather than the colloquial lexicon I am tempted to use, and this is giving me great results.

I have a to-do list for odd jobs around the house that need sorting. Another to-do for my business start-up, whose domain name I registered this morning too, woohoo! A third to-do list for general life stuff, things that don't have a specific completion date.

c/o pinterest.com

Re the Filofax: The week-on-two-pages layout is my favourite, so I can see the whole thing in one go, I add my own tick-boxes for things that need doing on specific days, phone calls, posting stuff etc. It's documenting my dates, my shopping trips, my sick days (the last 3 days, ugh) and if something needs postponing to the next day I re-write it, as a double reminder. I've included all my college assessment schedule too, as that was only ever on a digital file, and it's way less stressful not to be wondering about it if the laptop has no charge, it's right there.

Basically I feel like I'm not wondering is there something I've forgotten anymore, I feel in control of my life in such a simple way, and it's really given me a boost.

How do you keep organised?

Nee x

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