Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Losing the baby weight 2

(This is the second post in a series, you can see the first post here)

This morning the scales said 10st 8.5lb. I was delighted, then remembered I hadn't even had a drink of water, or eaten a proper meal in over 12 hours...

This evening after eating and drinking normally all day the scales say 10st 10lb, 3.5lb less than my starting weight 11 days ago.

I feel slimmer anyway, my waist is here again, my extra frontal-tummy-thing is smaller, but still large enough for the baby to stop and sit on as she slides down my front (7 months, standing on my lap and climbing all over me, not crawling yet). I haven't gone near the skinny jeans yet, I'm still in sick mode, spent the last 3 days nursing myself and sick kids through a cold and we're not better yet. There's been no need to shower, dress, undress etc. I made a curry 2 nights ago and just finished it this evening for my dinner, with 2 slices of Lithuanian rye bread, my new favourite (dark, malty, a hint of fennel...)

The suckers have sucked those few pounds off me, tandem feeding is both brilliant and claustrophobic at times. When they're sick they feed more and eat less (well, only my son is eating real food, the baby's not yet). So I'd attribute the large weight loss to the bug. I don't expect to lose weight that quickly normally, nor for it to stay off once we recover. I'm aiming for a pound or two a week, that's a sustainable amount.

But I can't wait to be at my goal weight. I'm looking forward to wearing shorter skirts, bum-hugging jeans with no long top over them, and fitted dresses, hooray. I love the freedom that comes with feeling good in my skin, and liking what I see in the mirror. Well, I've always liked myself in the mirror, I think I tell myself I look good enough that I believe it, no matter what weight I am. I've been up and down by 3.5 stone three times in the last 8 years. It's actually the photos that point out the excess weight to me. The double chins, the upper arms, parts of my body I don't dwell on normally look way worse captured at certain angles. Is this ridiculous to admit? Feck it. I don't have huge body issues, I really like my body, and I've come to terms with the fact that I'll never be an athletic type. So this weight loss isn't really for vanity's sake, well a little, it's just getting back to where I feel healthy and good in my skin.

Since we've been sick I've been unable to taste anything or smell either, which has been good for weight loss, no need to break out the dark chocolate at night (even though I still did one night) as I can't taste it at all.

This is so boring, but I want to document it as I know there are some readers following for tips for their own weight loss.

For breakfasts I've had mainly toast (the Lithuanian rye), with almond butter or tahini, and sliced banana. For lunches I've had mainly... bread, with butter and jam (mama's not well, can't cook), and a sliced apple in the afternoon, dinners have been the curry. I had some quiche too yesterday, my mom brought over her homemade quiche and a loaf of freshly baked brown soda bread, we've all been enjoying it with butter and jam. Lots of herbal teas, elderberry juice which I'm making from berries I froze last autumn, and some cold water, but not much, as it feels wrong at the moment to drink it cold. I had about 6 spoonfuls of honey today, both raw and regular honey, not sure if it's doing anything to help but it may be, last night I had a sore throat and the honey seems to have stopped it. Last week I ate more raw vegetables and a few salads, and pasta a couple of times, I had more energy and was preparing meals most days.

I had a few glasses of wine last week, but I'm sorry to report I didn't get much of a kick out of it. It made me feel tired and lowered my immunity, so this cold has hit me harder. Maybe I need to save alcohol for special occasions. Darn it. I was trying to be all French... It was a gorgeous wine too, a Lithuanian berry wine, Aronia or Chokeberry as they're called. Last week was a busy one too, we had visitors 4 times in 6 days, so a lot of hosting/advance cleaning, which is hard with a baby. I caught up with laundry (don't laugh, this is a HUGE job, we've a laundry pile dating back to November and I'm still not at the bottom of it) had a few local walks with the kids, normal stuff but pretty non-stop. I also did a lot of mental work, study for college and self-study with a business course I'm doing online, plus late nights (till at least 2am) - too much screen-time and not enough sleep, now I know why I'm so whacked this week. I've been reading about adrenal fatigue, and I think this is me, night owl hours, lowered immunity etc.

A few weeks ago we got a voucher for a family studio portrait, and to be honest I didn't want a photo on my wall of me looking bigger than I want to look. Call me vain, call me honest, whatever. So we haven't booked a date for the session yet, but I know I will be a lot happier in a couple of weeks to have it done. I've never had a photography session in my life (our wedding photographer was an old friend) and to be honest I hate the stagey fakeness of it all, so I hope we can come up with a fun way to make us all look relaxed and spontaneous.

Anyway, that's it for this episode. What's also helping is I'm not buying crap to have in the house, and all the Christmas junk is gone. If there was a box of sugary (or even not sugary) cereal in the house, believe me it would be constantly calling my name and I'd have it eaten in a couple of nights. So for me a key point is to avoid buying that stuff in the first place. If I do want something sweet I've been having almond butter and banana on toast or rice cakes (my god, is that ME typing that?!) or dark chocolate, which is so ridiculously expensive that I am bound to limit it for economical reasons. I haven't even baked sweet stuff either, just sticking to nuts and some dried fruit as snacks.

How are you all doing? I hear "February is the new January" or some such, have you got any health goals for February? Are you on a bit of a weight-loss kick yourself? Let me know here, on Facebook or by email to if you want to keep it quiet.

Nee x

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