Sunday, 20 March 2016

Home comforts: Closet office planning

Following the installation of some nifty under-stairs storage drawers we have been left with a walk-in closet which only needs to hang a few coats or jackets. So I have had the idea to turn the rest of it into a mom-only nook for a teeny tiny home office. This will be the first area of the house I don't have to share with anyone, and I'm really excited about that!

Our spare bedroom / box-room is also our official "office" but it's also a dressing-room and kids craft room, so the chances of ever finding a spare chair or desk space when I need to work is slim. Also the chance of me ever getting to go upstairs for any length of time alone is zero so I figure a downstairs work space would be way more practical. At the moment when I'm studying I use the spare sofa in the dining room, handy as I usually have a baby on my lap. And there's a power point beside me, but no table or space to lay out books.

So the cupboard under the stairs is about 7 foot high, 5 foot wide and 2.5 foot deep. I'm going to take "before " photos don't worry, you'll see it every step of the way. It is unfinished, still has the 1940s purple plastered wall, the rough wood-wormy stairs and lots of old nails hammered into them which we used as coat hooks all these years (10 years since we moved in). With 5 family members and various guests, I figure a row of coat hooks up high and a row down low should do all of us at any given time, and the out-of-season coats and jackets can be stored in our wardrobes.

What I'd love is a small desk area to fit my laptop with space for a couple of books and a cuppa, some shelves for my textbooks (some of my course books are digital, but I really prefer the real thing where possible) a wall-calendar and some cute artworks.


Practically speaking we'll have to work out how to get a socket in there, there is an electric light at the  moment, just a bare bulb, and I'd like to move it to make use of it better. There is a door, but I'm not a big fan, because when that door is open it bangs off the kitchen door when it is open too, this is a huge waste of space having them both open into the same small area of our hall. I'm thinking of replacing the under-stairs door with a curtain that can be pushed aside. Though that might look messy... I'll see.

There will be room for a chair in there, so I could potentially be in there with the door closed... like Harry Potter in my lair. But I figure I'll be in and out as will the kids, so a curtain might work better than an obstructive "watch your fingers" door. Ooh, a hammock... a sleeping nook for nap times...

My budget for this is really low, it's so low I'd rather not spend any money on it at all. Our attic and garage are heaving with excess furniture and homewares, so I'm hoping to do some up cycling.

Edited to add: It's been finished a few days now and I'm laughing at all my rough ideas... coat hooks... budget, ha! How things changed from my initial plans.
I'll share the finished photos tomorrow hopefully,
Nee x

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