Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Losing the baby weight / OOTD

I have come to my senses. "Finally" says you. Well I came to my senses about a month ago, I just didn't get time to blog about it.

I'm not losing the baby weight.

I'm finished weighing myself. I don't give a damn what the scales say. I don't give a shite what size my ass is.

I don't care if I can't wear my size 12 jeans yet. And I'm not counting the weeks to some magical point in the future when I'll be under 10 stone and back into all my pre-baby clothes.

I woke up y'all. That's what happened.

I realised I have three beautiful healthy children. I have a wonderful husband, a gorgeous house. I literally have it all and here I've been whinging about the size of my thighs.

I'm really ashamed I ever blogged all that weight stuff in the first place because I'd like to think I'm better than that. But I guess I get sucked into the "slim is good" shit like most Western women, and I know I'm especially vulnerable after I have a baby.

So I woke up from that self-indulgent crap, realised I needed to give myself a break and haven't worried about it since. The turning point was my realising that I have a flipping prolapse, I am studying and home educating, and starting a business... and my weight is so unimportant. My health is really important, and I'm making the best choices I can most of the time, but I'm not getting hung up on what the scales say. And I see my body shape changing slowly, my waist returning, even though I'm not dropping a dress size just yet.

Now when my kids are getting ice-cream I get one for myself too... and I enjoy it guilt free. I used to hover around waiting for a lick! Now I'm wearing whatever I like, and I'm not worrying what I look like in it either.

I'm so privileged to be white, middle class, Irish, European, housed, educated... and I look at pictures of my sisters in other countries and my heart breaks for the injustices done to them. So how dare I care about about a flipping number on a label.

Rant over. Here are some recent outfits I've been enjoying wearing and posting them on a Facebook group. The group has all sizes and shapes and it's amazing to see real-life women dressing for real life, no stylists, no photo-shopping. It's been really freeing and inspiring.

New charity shop (Primark) blazer
New charity shop Levi's 501s

Bargain coat from New Look, 28 euros in the sale
Charity shop jumper and skirt... there's a running theme here!
Charity shop skirt and top again...
Breaking out one of my favourite bags again
Charity shop jacket and skirt...
Slobbing around the house, scarf hid milk stains on jumper
Me and my laundry, my laundry and me. 
Same laundry, different day. Those boots need a brushing. Note the cute baby feet sticking out from behind me!
I love these pastels, need to wear them more, but so impractical with kids...
Dress worn as skirt, love the new lease of life that gives it.
Woah, if you made it to the end of all those OOTDs well done!
Notice the recurring theme of a few pairs of decent shoes, worn with thrifted items. I really think a good coat, bag and shoes is what makes the difference, the clothes can be cheap but you'll still look presentable.

What are your wardrobe staples?
Nee x


  1. You look great and I really like the outfits! Xx

  2. You look fab!


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