Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Saltwater sandals*

*This is a sponsored post but all opinions as always are my own.

A couple of weeks ago I was sent a pair of Saltwater sandals in the Red original shade from Salt-watersandals.com. To say I haven't taken them off is an understatement. I can't believe how they literally go with every outfit, casual or dressy. Take a look:

The day I got them I put them on with my "secretary style" outfit. Dressing like this helps me write better, I swear. They went perfectly with the tailored black check skirt and red pussybow blouse.

I couldn't resist a photo op on the black and white kitchen floor! 

Another day I wore them with my new summer jeans and a cream pussybow blouse. This day we spent in a park, walking on gravel, grass and climbing rocks, and the sandals were so comfy throughout.

Another day saw us at the beach on the north Dublin coastline. Knowing that Saltwater sandals are made for in and out of the water, I really put them through their paces. They went through shallow rivulets, rock pools, up to my ankles in the waves and not a bother. 

Action shot coming up with my baby on my back. We climbed these rocks for ages, running off the sugar rush of the ice-cream sundaes. Only in Ireland does your baby wear a winter cardigan on the beach in summer.

There was an audible gasp from my family as I stood in the water in my new shoes, but I assured them this was ok, even encouraged! I still ended up holding everyone else's shoes while they played in the water though...

A day drying in my porch and the shoes were as good as new.  I then wore them with this jacket and skirt combo which made me feel so summery. 

The uppers are pure leather, soft yet strong. I had no sore spots nor did I need to break them in. The soles are hard wearing rubber; they are a simple design, built to last. I have my eye on the little girl's ones as I'd love to match with my girl when she's walking, see the kid's colour range here. Lots of unisex colours to be passed down from bro to little sis...

The colour range is amazeballs, I couldn't choose between the red or yellow, or gold... they also have tan, purple, white, navy... every colour you could think of. And I just saw on their Facebook page that a rose gold option arrives this month! I think I'm sold on that option. Check out the women's selection on their website here.

Price is £55 (about 70 euros), shipping to Ireland/Europe is £10.00, and the customer service is great. They come in their own branded box within a bigger box so really secure. 

Sizing is one size up, I am a UK 6 and I took a 7 in these, as advised by the sales team.

I love the retro styling, it has barely changed from the 1940s when they were first invented. They look gorgeous with blue jeans and a simple t-shirt, I even think I'll wear them with opaque tights in the autumn. I don't think I could stretch to frilly ankle socks with them, but I know some mamas who would rock that look!

If you want to check them out for yourself see the website here, their Facebook page here, or follow them on Twitter @Saltwatereurope and Instagram @saltwatersandals_europe. 

What's on your feet this summer?

Nee x

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