Thursday, 2 June 2016

Life lately

Summer is here and we're having a ball these days.
In the last month:

  • I visited a friend with her new baby, made her lunch and showed her how to tie a wrap sling. I LOVE the delight on new moms faces when they realise they can wear their baby close and have two hands free. 
  • We spent a glorious sunny lunchtime in a quiet park by the Liffey, picnic lunch, read the Sunday papers, watched the world go by.
  • We had a day with other home educating families, all unschoolers like ourselves. There's such a  shorthand when you meet other families with the same principles, home birthing, breastfeeding older children, nobody bats an eyelid and I love that. 
  • We spent a morning in Recreate, doing arts and crafts with our friends, the kids were so excited to get their hands on "real liquid paint". The few times a year my kids get to paint at home they have dry watercolour palettes as I'm allergic to messy poster paints. So they were in heaven this morning. 
  • I had a writer friend over for tea and a walk one evening. She's really inspiring, a true artist and spiritual lady who I learn loads from and need to spend more time with. 
  • I did lots of writing, stuff I'd procrastinated about for a week or so, just got it done.
  • I did lots of study, my college course has ramped up the pace and I'm feeling challenged and productive about it all.
  • I have a plan for the next 6 months and I'm excited to put it into action, not this week, but soon. It's my new business venture and it's morphing into something I'm really itching to 
  • I'm reading a proper book. I'm bringing it around the house with me and dipping in and out for 20 mins here and there, it's really brought a new dimension to my days.
  • I've cut back my Facebooking, hugely. I've told myself I'm only to be on it one hour per day and I'm sticking to it, and loving that.
  • I'm sleeping better, I used a nightlight for the last 11 months since the baby was born, and I've just started turning it off. Wow, way better sleep, and she and the 4 year old are sleeping through the night, well from 12-6am or thereabouts. 

  • I'm off caffeine again. I was on it a month ago for "research purposes", but it brought on the sugar cravings, the groggy mornings, the joint issues, so I cut it out this week and I feel so much lighter. 
  • I started volunteering in the Dublin Food Co-op. It is only a couple of hours every few weeks, but it's a nice outlet outside of the house for me, good experience in office work and gives us an extra 10% discount on our groceries each week.
  • I finally saw my husband in his play, so proud. Othello in the Abbey runs until 11 June.
  • We celebrated his birthday last weekend, and our eldest turns 8 this coming week! It's birthday season here, 4 in 5 weeks plus family and friend's birthdays, so we're buying presents, food, planning parties galore and arranging to meet family to spend these special times together.
  • Last week I caught up with a gorgeous friend and her family in their new house, beside a lake. We ate, talked, walked and caught up like no time had passed, though it had been a few years since we did this properly. 
  • I have sorted the boy's baby clothes and found some of my dresses from 1978, which my daughter is modelling right now. Polyester, pink gingham, lacy collars, it's high kitsch and I love it! She's wearing some of her brothers baby clothes, they were kitted out in rainbow stripes for most of their infancies, so it's really making me realise how fast time goes since they were that small.
  • I have been working with the National Implementation Steering Group for Home Birth services. This involves reading and giving feedback on policies being drafted in for home birth services by the HSE at meetings every few months. A lot of time and effort, but it's really important to me to still have a say in this, as I feel home birth services have a way to go before they are really woman-friendly. 
  • We've been eating lots of meals on our patio. The other morning my nearly 8 year old told me to wait there while he cooked a stack of french toast alone in the kitchen, even slicing the sourdough loaf! I am expecting a 3 course meal by his 9th birthday.
  • The baby is standing and so close to taking a step. She's signing and making herself understood, and knows so much of what we're saying.
  • My prolapse gave me no trouble for the last month, but I'm feeling it again this week. I think it's a combination of wearing the baby more plus her getting heavier. She's unwilling to be put down a lot of the time, so I'm just gonna have to pace myself. I did wonder what the heck when I realised I was scrubbing the kitchen floor this morning on all fours with her on my back in the sling...
  • The nearly 5 year old is showing a responsible side, minding his sister in bed while I go to the toilet, and taking the clothes in off the washing line. This bodes well for the future, but I say that very tentatively, as I think middle child syndrome is strong in this one.

  • Oh and I chopped my hair into an A-line bob, it's way better. I was getting bored with it.
Apart from that, I've no news. What have you been up to? Please let us know on my Facebook page, or leave a comment below.

Nee x


  1. Love your blog. Long time reader, first time poster. Fellow Crumlin dweller 😊
    You're amazing - don't where you find the time for all your wonderful pursuits! Inspiring.

    1. Thank you Rebecca of the Glasses! Wonder have we ever crossed paths? Lovely to hear from you, don't be a stranger please! x


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