Tuesday, 7 June 2016

One dress, two ways

I've often admired the lovely outfit collages on fashion blogs, and have just realised how they work. It's Polyvore.com

I'm going to use it to style a dress I have my eye on as I figure it will need to work year-round to gain a place in my wardrobe. I'm really done with clothes that are one-look only, and I'd like all my items to be versatile and wearable through the seasons.

So I've chosen some items similar to what I already own, to see how I'd style the simple blue denim shirt dress. This is not a sponsored post, and if and when I do go shopping for a denim dress I'll be looking for preloved before new, but this is just to get the idea.

summer look
I started with a mid-blue denim dress, featuring long sleeves which can be rolled up in summer. I chose button-down for ease of breastfeeding. My ultimate dress would only have buttons to the waist, as I'd worry about tummy bulging the buttons after a heavy meal, but there was no such dress to be found on the database. So I added a yellow bag and yellow-ish sandals, as these are really summery and make me happy to wear. I've of course added shades and that's it, hopefully no more layers would be needed in summer. See below for the Autumn / Winter look:

Autumn styling

Here I've gone for tan leather accessories, always in style. Adding a chunky knit over the top which would still show off the dress. I like patterned wool tights when you just see a glimpse of them, and some colour in the scarf. I'd probably be wearing a vest underneath in an Oirish winter, and possibly a coat over the top too. And hat. You get the picture.

I love the idea of an all-year-round wardrobe, and as I get on in years I want less of the high-street trends and more classics.

Thanks to Cat for the style inspiration as always, we spent the day together and I always leave her with lots of ideas for blog posts and new additions to my wardrobe. I'm following the "one in, one out" rule now, so if I do invest in a new dress, an old one will go into the charity bag.

Any other ideas for styling it? Ooh I have one right now! Back to Polyvore...

Evening look

I love the idea of the pink Converse as a pop of colour in the rest of the classic outfit. Classic items, every one. I'd totally wear this for afternoon drinks in summer, which may turn to evening drinks... oh to be back in spontaneous drinking days... And no, I don't own a Chanel bag, but I did buy a pretty nice replica one on Depop recently. Only a tenner...

Anyway, I'm going to play around a bit more with it, and get a few more ideas together for you.
Add yours here, and if you have any links to good breastfeeding-friendly denim dresses please let me know!

Nee x

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