Thursday, 21 July 2016

BLW cookies

A few months ago I came across a really simple recipe for banana-oat cookies using just those ingredients, mashed together and shaped onto a baking sheet. I made a batch, my boys liked them, but I didn't. I found them a little tasteless, but I loved the idea behind them. No measuring (yay), no sugar or wheat flour (double yay), my 5 year old finally eating oats (triple... I'll stop now). These have lots of fibre and you can add any fruit, nuts or seeds as you like.

Delicious with a glass of kefir.
So now that my baby is eating pretty much everything we eat, I thought I'd revisit them with a few additions to make them good for me as well as her.

Into a large bowl I put a banana, some pre-soaked mango pieces (I originally soaked them to remove the sulphur dioxide preservative which is not a healthy thing to eat), cinnamon, a little vanilla extract (not vanilla essence) and a pinch of Maldon salt. I added some jumbo organic oats and smushed it all together with my bare hands (kids would love this but I wasn't in the mood for the mess).

My mixture was too wet so I added more oats and when it was at the sticking-together-but-not-wet stage I shaped it into balls and flattened them onto a hastily greased baking sheet. Halfway through shaping them I remembered I'd wanted to add sultanas, so I did, mixing a handful into the last of the dough.

About 20 minutes in my oven (at 180'C? the thermostat headed for the hills a long time ago) and they were golden, crispy around the edges and kind of soft in the middle. Baby liked them, the boys did too, and I ate my own and all the leftovers.

These would be a great snack on the go, and should keep for a few days in an airtight container. You could even make a double batch and freeze half in a large sausage shape, wrapped in greaseproof paper, then all you need to do at a later time is defrost, cut into slices and bake.

The rest of the soaked mango was turned into muffins, I'll share that in a separate post. For now, get yourself some bananas, some oats and get smushing!

Nee x

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