Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Low maintenance grooming

I'm all for low maintenance these days. My kids can be grubby, my house can be messy, but I try to get myself groomed every day before I leave the house, and I usually succeed.

I'm going to take you through my low maintenance grooming routine so you too can be inspired to look presentable every day if you so wish. I find this has a knock-on effect and helps me feel good too.

I cut my hair myself and I don't colour it, I'm still growing out the bleach from 2 years ago after my "pink phase". Though everyone asks did I get balayage and says it suits me, so I may keep bleaching the lower parts. I have slightly wavy hair, and I hate styling it. I look weird with it up, or half up, so I just leave it down, a bit of dry shampoo and the odd scrunch with wet hands keeps it looking ok. Totally low maintenance. About once a week I shampoo and condition it and let it dry naturally and that's it. No products, no nothing. No brushing either. The dirtier it gets, the better it looks, that's a fact!

I was thinking about this earlier. In my pre-baby days I used to paint my fingernails most mornings, to match my outfit. Now I paint my toenails a deep coral and it does me most of the summer, I just add more when it gets chipped. (OPI brand, it's really hard-wearing on my toenails). My fingernails are a different story. There is no point me painting them these days, it never lasts even 24 hours without chipping plus I don't have the time to be removing and repainting it. I've also been reading about the dangerous chemicals in nail polish, so I think minimising my exposure to it is only a good thing too. Carrie from Sex and the City never had hers painted anyway...

Luckily I'm fair, so a lower leg shave does me a couple of weeks. Underarms too, that's all I do. I don't get near enough to a beach to warrant a bikini, and if I did I'd not do any hair removal, I have some vintage bikini bottoms which are modest enough not to need it, if you get my drift.

I don't wear any, haven't in years. Kind of like going "no poo" with your hair (google it) I don't seem to need deodorant much these days, plus I eat a better diet, which has something to do with it too.

Em... I wash off yesterday's makeup each morning with a little oil on a cotton pad, does that count? Then a small amount of organic face cream or face oil before my makeup is reapplied. I use a little body oil on my legs after shaving, and to keep my feet soft, but don't use body lotion as again the ingredients are not optimal for health. As I'm not soaping myself all over in the shower, I'm not washing off my body's natural oils so lotion isn't needed.

The baby was playing with my foundation recently and I haven't seen it in over a week, so I've gotten used to a bare face with a little concealer around the eyes, eye makeup (brown liner, dark grey mascara and brown brow pencil), lipstick and blush/bronzer. I have a bit of a tan and love wearing less in the summer anyway. If I am dressing up a bit more I'll wear some darker eyeliner, another coat of mascara and redder lipstick. My whole makeup routine takes less than 5 minutes and I'm used to doing it with baby in one arm.

Don't wear any, sometimes a dab of lavender essential oil. Normal perfumes and perfumed products disrupt your hormones, so I'm happy to do without. Especially while breastfeeding, I think it's important the baby gets to smell me, not my products.

I'm paring back my wardrobe as I lose the baby weight, so the clothes that got me through the last year are going back to the charity shops from whence they came. What I'm aiming to be left with is a capsule wardrobe which works year-round. It's going well and I'll blog separately about it.

That's it, I'm probably the lowest maintenance I've ever been except for my year in Oz where I eschewed razors and wore Thai fisherman pants with bare feet, thems were the days pals.

Nee x

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