Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Summer Outfits

I love skirts and dresses but Ireland in summer does not call for them every day, nor even every week.  So this blog post will be all about the trousers, and I'll do another one on skirts/dresses if/when the weather merits it and I get some photos.

I love me some skinny trousers. I remember when they appeared about 10 year ago. I thought "OMG" (actually that phrase wasn't coined then) so I thought "Oh my god, how unflattering, they show off all the upper leg largeness and do nothing to balance it out like my good ol' bootleg jeans". 

I avoided skinny jeans for a year or so, then I tried a pair on and it was instant love. I bought them even though they were well above my usual budget. These were skinny medium blue jeggings from Silence and Noise in Urban Outfitters. I wore them to work (teaching in a secondary school) with boots and a blazer and was never so comfortable. Freed from the constricting waistband of traditional jeans which at the time were low to mid-rise, I loved that these jeggings held in my stomach and smoothed over my hips giving me a lovely shape with no muffin top. They also hid my tattoo which was another bonus in work. 

And the love affair has continued. I've owned many a pair of jeggings. The original ones did me about 6 years before they wore out. I've had some from Vero Moda but found the material too thin and it stretched and went baggy. The best ones I've found are from Marks and Spencer. I have their jeggings in navy and black, and have them in a couple of sizes to fit pre- and post- baby butt. In summer I turn them up to show my ankles and wear them with a blouse, as below:

Or I wear them with a t-shirt and blazer like below:

I've kind of stopped wearing Converse with everything these days. The laces are a hindrance with baby in tow, but they're also a bit too casual, as I'm preferring to dress a little more formal this year. Call it maturity, call it old age, call it what you will, I just feel a bit too scruffy in Converse to be doing my daily stuff, so I keep them for park days or really casual days where I am in leggings and a lycra skirt. 

I think studying this year has made me "up" my game clothes-wise, I definitely concentrate better when I feel I'm in "work mode" and I dress the part. Since I've begun building my business this has helped too, as I will grab an hour here or there during the day to make calls / work on my laptop or meet with prospective clients, and the last thing I want to have to do is change during the day. So I just get dressed once each day, in an outfit which will take me anywhere, and I'm done. 

Case in point: I wore the above outfit to meet a client the other day. I felt dressy enough to be in "work mode" but still comfortable for all the other things the day threw at me (playground, cooking, baking a cake for a late birthday celebration for baby). Yes, those are NOT skinny jeggings above, well spotted. I'd been wishing to get back into these summer trousers and I finally did. They needed a heel so I wore my new Clark's sandals which have seen me through the summer really well. And you can never go wrong with stripes, eh?

I'm slowly rebuilding my wardrobe in my current size, and I'm looking to invest in good quality items which will last me for years. However my budget is small so for now I'm looking in charity shops and  online sales, and I will replace the items as I can.

So my summer daily outfit is usually:

Skinny trousers / jeggings
A blouse (sometimes with a nursing vest underneath for warmth)
A light scarf around my neck
Sandals (either my Saltwaters or these yellow Clarks ones)
A blazer if it's cold

And I'm not carrying a handbag when I can help it. I love putting my phone, keys and cash into a trouser pocket and walking out the door. I change the baby's nappy before we leave so sometimes don't need to bring one if we'll only be out for a couple of hours, and I keep nappies in the car too. It's all about downsizing, as with 3 kids my mind is pretty busy keeping them all safe when we're out and about, let alone remembering what it is I want to buy in the shops. I do always pack a snack bag if we're going somewhere for the day but it stays in the car.

What are you loving to wear this summer?
Nee x

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